Students at the 2011 MSA meeting in Fairbanks, AK

The Student Section was initiated in Fairbanks 2011 and launched in 2012 at the annual MSA meeting in New Haven CT. The very first Student Section event in 2012 was a professional development workshop led by Harvard University mycology professor Anne Pringle: “Using fungi to get a job”. Furthermore, we organized a mentorship pairing where all interested MSA students were assigned a senior mycologist serving as their mentor for the duration of the New Haven meeting.

During MSA/APS 2013 in Austin TX we organized a well-attended Student Social Mixer and our first official Board Meeting. Most importantly, the MSA Council has unanimously voted to formally recognize the Mycological Society of America Student Section. Member-wide vote occurred in Fall 2013.


The Current Executive Board, MSA Meeting 2016 Berkeley, California

(top left to right) Jessie Uehling, Danny Haelewaters, Chris Smyth, Terry Torres-Cruz, Tanya Cheeke, (bottom left to right) Brendan O’Brien, Mia Maltz, Virginia Poole, Kristi Gdanetz MacCready, Andrea Andi Bruce

Chair: Chris Smyth, Penn State

Vice-Chair: Terry J. Torres-Cruz, Western Illinois University

Secretary: Andrea Andi Bruce, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Treasurer: Brendan O’Brien, University of Vermont

Communication Chair: Kristi Gdanetz MacCready, Michigan State University

Webmaster: Virginia Poole, Middle Tennessee State University

Postdoctoral Representative: Mia Maltz, University of California Riverside

Past-Chair: Jessie Uehling, Duke University

We are in the process of organizing events for MSA’s annual meeting 2017, which will be held in Athens, GA. Events in the pipeline are a Student Social Mixer, the second Board Meeting (with breakfast?), the Career Luncheon, Junior/Senior Mycologist pairings,  a fund-raising grant-writing workshop, and a symposium. We will keep you posted about the progress of our Student Section via this website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Stay connected!