June 1st, 2020

The Mycological Society of America and the MSA Student and Postdoc Section join our peer societies and partners in denouncing racism, harassment, discrimination, and oppression. We recognize our shared responsibilities in confronting racism; supporting those affected by racist acts, thoughts, and policies; and affirming the value of our colleagues, students, friends, neighbors, and families of color. We stand for #DiversityandInclusion, and add our voice to the chorus seeking and promoting change. #BlackLivesMatter 

We are available to hear, learn from, and implement your suggestions on actionable items that we can take particularly as students for improving our #DiversityAndInclusion at the Mycological Society of America. Please send us your suggestions at students.msa@gmail.com, using the hashtag #MSAdiversity on Twitter, or through this form.

-MSA and Student and Postdoc Section Executive Board

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