Current research location

Aime Lab (Purdue University)

Current Advisor

Dr. Catherine Aime/ Dr. Daniel Raudabaugh

Current project description

I am currently using DNA barcoding in the identification of nearly 2000 rust fungus samples.

What is your favorite fungus and why?

Mushrooms of the genus Cyptotrama for its incredible shade of yellow, much better than the shade of gold.

Which awards would you like to brag about?

I was the best undergraduate student twice! (I got two bachelors degree)

Any great stories from field work?

One day I found a mushroom similar to magic mushrooms growing near a palm tree and I ate it to see if it had hallucinogenic properties, but all I got was diarrhea.

What are your career goals/plans for after you’re done with your current position?

I would love to continue doing research on fungi and their potential use for the benefit of agricultural crops.

What is your favorite fact/thing about fungi?

Their impressive interaction with other organisms, their medicinal properties and their great taxonomic richness.

Who is your mycology role model?

Dr. Paul Edward Stamets for boosting mushrooms in the economy.

What do you like to do in your free time? What are your hobbies?

I love to travel and report biodiversity in iNaturalist. My favorite sport is ping pong and I like to watch videos of wild animals in Africa.

Anything else you’d like to talk about?

My first career was civil engineering, but I have discovered that nature has designed the best structures without the need to produce polluting waste.

What is something inspiring or useful that you learned from your experiences in mycology?

My interest in mycology began when I observed how some animals feed on fungi to alleviate some of their ailments and how plants create symbiosis with these organisms. It is incredible the medicinal and nutritional properties that these organisms have.