Cedar Sekorski (it/its or they/them)

Where did you grow up?

I grew up near Elkland, Missouri

Current research location

University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

Current adviser

Anita Davelos

Current project description

I am currently looking at microbial sediment community structure and composition in an urban freshwater marsh.

Any good stories from field work?

As far as I know, my cat, Gratch, is the only cat to ever go in a foray with Tom Volk.

Who is your mycology role model?

Tom Volk

What have you learned from studying fungi?

Don’t lose sight of the larger ecosystem

What are your career goals/plans for after you’re done your current position?

I am going to save the Earth

Awards you’d like to brag about

So many! I guess my REU in mathematical ecology and my Summer Graduate Fellowship are the two most prestigious so far.

What is your favorite fungus?

Ganoderma applanatum because it’s a very handsome fungus and I have a thing for shelf mushrooms.

What is your favorite fungus fact?

I fond their dikaryon phase quite fascinating. And also how they can be such good buddies to plants.