Educational and Entertaining Mycological Blogs and Websites: 

– Lawrence Millman – mycologist and writer. Author of the first book dedicated solely to New England fungi, Fascinating Fungi of New England. Check out his website here.

– The Cornell Mushroom Blog, run by Kathie Hodge, is filled with entertaining and educational posts about fungi. Check it out!

Foreign Names of Mushrooms – is a list of mushrooms found in the US as well as their scientific names and common names in a variety of European and Asian languages.

– Interested in fungi growing on wood? Check out this awesome website.

– Is your mycological journey just beginning? Check out and for an informative set of guidelines on trees, microscopy, collecting, and more!

–  Mushroom Observer – pictures, lists and finds from all around the world.

– Use Mycokey and RogersMushrooms  for all of your fungus identification and information needs.

Virtual Mycology – Was last updated in 2005, however it still contains a lot of helpful information.

Tom Volk’s Fungi

– Steve Axford – Fungi, the recyclers

– Anything and everything you need to know about mycorrhiza.

– Interested in plant-microbe symbioses? Check out this Scoop It webpage.


Amateur/Professional Mycological Clubs and Societies: 

The British Mycological Society 

Central PA Mushroom Club

Cape Cod Mushroom Club

North American Mycological Association (NAMA) and a complete list of affiliates.

New England Botanical Club (NEBC) 

Torino, Italy Mycological Club 

University of Minnesota Mycology Club 

Boston Mycological Club



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