Hello! This page has the videos of recorded MSA Student and Postdoc Colloquium!

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Daisy Hernandez talks about Ganoderma spp. in California and Robert Blundell talks about the Discovery, identification and implementation of potential biological control agents for pruning wound protection against grapevine trunk diseases. January 2021
Jacob Steenwyck talks about When two become one: The hybrid origin of a filamentous fungal pathogen and Abigail Labella talks about Harnessing synonymous codon usage for reverse ecology in budding yeasts. February 2021
Sebastian Fajardo talks about the Impacts of Phytophthora pathogens on post-fire regeneration and restoration in Angeles National Forest and Lisa Rosenthal talks about how the Direction and drivers of the diversity-disease relationship are distinct across hierarchical levels. March 2021
Dr. Patricia Kaishian, co-founder of the International Congress of Armenian Mycologists, talks about Mycology as a Queer Discipline! 106th Remembrance Day of the Armenian Genocide, April 24th, 21.

Katherine Drotos talks about How an estimate of lichen ecosystem became “fact” and Kyle Gervers talk about how Crown closure affects endophytic leaf mycobiome compositional dynamics over time in Pseudotsuga menzieii var menziesii. June 2021