Past Student Spotlights

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  • Nicole Colón-Carrión

    Nicole Colón-Carrión

    Nicole Colón-Carrión grew up in Puerto Rico and is currently doing research at the University of Arizona with Dr. Elizabeth Arnold. Tell us about your project! In my dissertation research I seek to understand how climate changes impact plant-fungal associations, with a focus on two main environments: wild tropical forests and agricultural systems. Specifically, my work …

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  • Terry Torres-Cruz

    Terry Torres-Cruz

    Terry J Torres Cruz grew up in Costa Rica. She is currently doing research at Penn State-State College with Dr. David Geiser.  Tell us about your project!  My thesis project aims to describe a potential new plant-fungal mimicry system and the potential involvement of insects in this interaction. What awards would you like to brag …

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  • Carolina Piña-Páez

    Carolina Piña-Páez

    Carolina Piña Páez grew up in Hermosillo, Sonora, México. She is currently doing research on the Madrean Sky Islands of Arizona and Mexico. Her advisor is Joey Spatafora.  Tell us about your project!  My project combines fieldwork and laboratory experiments to unravel past climate change cycles’ effects on Rhizopogon and their hosts (Pinaceae) in the Madrean Sky …

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  • Kirsten Gotting

    Kirsten Gotting

    Kirsten Gotting is from Portland, Oregon. She is doing her PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her current advisor is Cameron Currie. Tell us about your project! I’m really interested in evolution and diversification, and how symbiosis plays a role in these processes. The system I work on is the fungus-growing ant-microbe symbiosis. More specifically, …

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  • Savannah Gentry

    Savannah Gentry

    Savannah Gentry grew up in Port Neches (Texas) and Klamath Falls (Oregon). She is currently doing research at Madison, Wisconsin with Anne Pringle. Tell us about your project! I work with fungal pathogens of wildlife and have found that two pathogens responsible for infectious diseases in snakes and lizards (snake fungal disease and yellow fungal …

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  • Alden Dirks

    Alden Dirks

    Alden Dirks is from Coatesville, Pennsylvania. He is currently doing research with Dr. Tim James in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Tell us about your project! Gyromitrin is an acute toxin and potent carcinogen that is found in some mushrooms, particularly false morel mushrooms (Gyromitra spp.). The product of gyromitrin metabolism, monomethylhydrazine, is infamous for also being …

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  • Gillian Bergmann

    Gillian Bergmann

    Gillian Bergmann is from Portland, Oregon. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University in the spring of 2019, and now works as a faculty research assistant (lab technician) for Dr. Posy Busby and Dr. Jared LeBoldus in OSU’s Department of Botany and Plant Pathology. Tell us about your project I am currently working …

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  • Sara Getson

    Sara Getson

    Sara Getson hails originally from State College, Pennsylvania where she received bachelor’s degrees in Plant Science and French Language. She is currently a master’s student in her final year studying under Dr. Mary Hausbeck at Michigan State University. Tell us about your project! So, I am really excited to be working on two different crops; …

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  • Regina Bledsoe

    Regina Bledsoe

    Regina Bledsoe grew up in a small town on the South Louisiana Gulf Coast. She is currently doing her research at East Carolina University Greenville, NC. Tell us about your project! While soil may seem lifeless to most, below-ground plant roots, fungi, and bacteria (and other organisms) are living life to the fullest below the surface. …

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  • Xiomy-Janiria Pinchi-Dávila

    Xiomy-Janiria Pinchi-Dávila

    Xiomy is a Master’s student that grew up in Pucallpa, Peru. She is currently doing her research at Western Illinois University with the guidance of Dr. Andrea Porras-Alfaro. Tell us about your project! My project focuses on the description of a new fungus within Pleosporales using multi-locus sequencing and microscopy, then I will try to …

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